Rick Desloge

The Desloge family got its first indication that theatre blood pulsed through the veins of young Ricky when he was 3-years old and getting ready for his first T-ball game. Wearing a narrow chocolate milk mustache on his upper lip and a St. Louis Cardinals baseball shirt, Ricky was ready to play ball.

Ricky Desloge, called the coach who was trying to divide the group of 30-some children into teams.

No one answered.

“ell them you’re here, Ricky’s mother whispered to her son.

I’m not Ricky Desloge, he glared. I’m Ozzie Smith.

Sports, with a huge serving of theatre defined Rick’s suburban St. Louis childhood. There were hockey penalties for delaying the game because he took larger-than-life dives on the ice, dramatic leaps to stop goals from going into the soccer net and show-stopping throws from left-field to third base as he nailed runners who tried to grab one base too many.

During middle and high school, Rick added stints on the stage to his escapades on the field or arena. Heíd trade his hockey bag for his music folder as he dashed between sports practices and classes. He loved the pure energy he found in both venues.

He graduated from Kirkwood High School in 2003, possessed by the idea that he needed to be part of that vitality. Drawn to Indiana University by its fine performing arts program, Rick quickly became a regular in musical productions. He spent his summers on the stage ñ doing summer stock, taking classes, performing in regional theatre honing his skills as a performer.

Though his stints as Ozzie Smith are over, Rick’s passion remains bringing characters to life.

There is unparalleled energy and life surrounding the theatre. It is my joy to harness that vibrancy and give it to the audience, allowing them, if only for an instant, to see something from a different perspective or experience something new.




Done some things - check it out here!

National Tour
Wicked Boq u/s (performed) First National Tour
New York Theatre
Family Dinner Alex Family Dinner LLC / Beckett Theatre
Hello, I Must Be Going Julie FringeNYC
Regional Theatre
Treasure Island (World Premiere) Jim Hawkins (Starring) Fulton Opera House
Treasure Island (Midwest Premiere) Jim Hawkins Beef & Boards
Joseph… Joseph Beef & Boards
Grease Swing Stages St. Louis
The Sixth Borough West/Due/Reporter Premier Musicals
Forever Plaid Jinx The Theater Barn
Grease Doody The Theater Barn
Guys and Dolls Multiple Roles Barn Theatre, Augusta, MI
Beauty and the Beast Multiple Roles Barn Theatre, Augusta, MI
AIDA Guard Barn Theatre, Augusta, MI
Cats Ensemble Shenandoah Music Theatre
University Theatre
Urinetown Hot Blades/Old Man IU Dept. of Theatre
A Chorus Line Al IU Dept. of Theatre
Bat Boy: The Musical Ron IU Dept. of Theatre
Pal Joey Assistant IU Dept. of Theatre
The Rocky Horror Show Brad Indiana University Players
Guys and Dolls Crapshooter IU Union Board
Fiddler on the Roof Bottle Dancer Southern Illinois University
Romèo et Juliette Opera Chorus IU Opera Theatre
La Bohème Opera Chorus IU Opera Theatre
The Rocky Horror Show Riff-Raff New Tropicana Las Vegas
Warsaw Shya NJ Holocaust Ctr.
Family Dinner Alex Midtown Intl. Theatre Fest
1812 Priest Midtown Intl. Theatre Fest
Not Exactly Romeo Ensemble Eric Holmes / Paul Fujimoto
Alice: A New Musical White Knight Midtown Intl. Theatre Fest
African Vision of Hope Featured Performer Sheldon Concert Hall
Acting: Kelly Kimball (on camera) Voice: Andrew Byrne Dance: Steps NYC -Patti Wilcox
Musical Theatre: Jen Waldman, Steve Pacek, Ray Fellman
Indiana University: B.A. Musical Theatre – George Pinney, Henry Woronicz, Bruce Burgun, Paul Kiesgen, Martha Jacobs, Adam Burnette, Jennifer Adam
Special Skills
Most Competitive Sports- Especially Ice & Roller Hockey, Skating, Baseball, Soccer, Weight Lifting, Mountain Biking, Golf, Racquetball, Frisbee, Swimming, & Basic Jiu-Jitsu; Partnering; Whistling; Basic Piano; Beat Boxing; Catching food in mouth


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